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  • NPT Long Lake Spur

    The new spur trail to Long Lake village on the NPT is now officially open. Should give no-bo thru-hikers a better opportunity to resupply prior to entering the HPW section which will be mandatory bear cannister territory beginning next year.

    Contrary to what some have said about the impending regulatory changes, I think that for the intrepid thru-hiker these changes, including the new spur trail, provides an added layer of challenge that only serves to enhance the overall experience.

    I think that it will be interesting to see how the changes to regulations impacts the thru-hiker count with regards to the decision to attempt a no-bo vs. a so-bo. Now there is a decision to either load up a cannister before departure from Averyville, and possibly mail it home in Long Lake if desired, or alternatively perhaps mail yourself one to be held by the postmaster in Long Lake until your arrival so you can load it up before continuing north. A bounce box from Northville to Piseco, to Long Lake, to Placid or vice versa is now also a much more desirable option.

    They say this is meant to be good for the merchants of Long Lake as well. So if nothing else, ¡viva la economía!
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    ...or a challenge to have a light pack, start early, finish strong and get the last 34.5 miles over with, à la the Four State Day on the AT.
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