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Spring hiking and camping

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  • Spring hiking and camping

    Hey ADK hikers,
    We want to come down from Quebec to do some hiking and camping in High Peaks next weekend, but some of us dont have snow hiking gear. Though I used to think there's no point in travelling to ADK not doing a HP, this seems to be the case this year. So, Anyone have recommendations for beautiful hikes with scenic summits that dont have snow on the trail? bonus points if cheap campgrounds nearby - we are 4 adults, and many of the campsites require you to get 2 sites unless you have kids!?

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    Try this for starters:

    The lower ones are obviously your first choices...
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    • tcd
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      And the south facing ones. At this time of year, aspect is as important as elevation...

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    is there a place to check online where the majority of the trail faces? we are now thinking of splitting up hiking, some us climb DIx (and co) while others try smaller ones?
    thanks so much!!


    • ndru
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      There's and also CalTopo ( ) both will allow you to see the mountains' contours to best determine which trails are in the shade and which are most exposed. But honestly, most of the trails will be shaded by the forest canopy regardless.

    • Eddie Fournier
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      I don't think you need to worry about snow anymore. I was on Seymour last Sat - most of the ascent is North-facing and I only saw one small patch of snow off-trail. Mud & bugs on the other hand...