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Snowy Mountain(s) in Indian Lake questions

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  • Snowy Mountain(s) in Indian Lake questions

    I am trying to attack all three Snowy Mountain peaks this weekend. (Snowy - East peak, Snowy, and Snowy - Southwest Peak.
    1) How gnarly are the cliffs/steepness getting off Snowy to head south on the ridge to South Snowy?
    2) How is the ridge between Snowy and South Snowy? Conifer apocalypse or reasonably open??
    3) What about East Snowy? How is the bushwhack approach up and back from the Snowy trail?

    Praying for supportive snow!!

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    A little confusing - you mention Snowy, East Snowy and Southwest Snowy, but then ask about South Snowy. Hard to know which spots you are trying for. Experts on the area could help more if you cite coordinates or elevations.

    I'm not an expert (only been up there a couple times) but in general you can work your way up and down the ridges, as long as you stay on the ridges. Dropping off either side of ridges, especially the southeast sides, are where you will find the big problem cliffs.

    Satellite photos are your friend.


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      Randomscooter and I whacked Snowy via the Griffin Brk. slide and then went to Snowy SW. I presume we did Snowy East in the process. Anyway, it was autumn and I don't recall anything particularly difficult that couldn't easily be gotten around.
      As for the supportiveness, or lack thereof, of the snowpack - do let us know!
      Pics - mostly of the slide however.


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        When referring to “South” I am referring to Southwest Snowy”
        thanks for the info!
        I’ll see if I can get out there this weekend.
        Great photos Neil.