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Jay Mountain Trail Conditions?

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  • Jay Mountain Trail Conditions?

    I am planning to hike Saturday and am curious how much snow is on the Jay mountain trail/top. I will have snowshoes/spikes regardless but not looking to break trail if I can avoid it (looks to be warmer lately at least). Thanks in advance,

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    Have not been up there in a while, but I would guess there is a boatload of snow, like everywhere around here (I'm in Keene). Definitely snowshoes. Saturday looks to be warmer, but with some drizzle, so bring multiple waterproof layers, glove changes, etc..


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      Climbed Big Slide via the Brothers on 3/9. Rock ledges were melting, but out of the sun there was about 5 feet of snow on the ground. Track was so packed that we kept microspikes on the whole time. Not sure how well Jay is broken out.

      They got another 5 inches of powder when I left on Sunday. I know they were expecting rain but no matter how hot it gets there will still be a lot of snow up there.

      I assume you're asking about the Jay Range.


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        thanks for replies guys. now that im in the area looks like ill be hiking on a ice rail most of the way. hoping no slush tomorrow at least.


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          Fyi for anyone else, trail to first lookout was an ice rail so only spikes. Snowhoes past that point though.