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Trail head Parking Issues

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  • Trail head Parking Issues

    I was curious to get an update on parking lot status in the Adirondacks with the government shutdown as well as many of the NY issues due to combating traffic problems, moving trail heads, etc. I was never able to get out there in 2018 (sigh) so I was thinking of hitting something out that way the next few weeks. It's 3:45 to 4:30 hrs one way for me to most trail heads so making the drive to find it inaccessible would be a real bummer. I know every state works a little different and some have contingencies to deal with the shutdown but I am really totally out of the loop with the goings on in NY. And from what I remember many of the popular trail heads aren't in National Forests so I assume the impact isn't as bad as it is in NH.

    Was considering Giant for this SAT so comments specific to that lot would be greatly appreciated but looking for overall NY info as well. Thanks in advance.

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    The Adirondacks aren't Federal Lands. Trailheads are open and unless you are very early following a snowfall the parking area should be plowed.
    Giant shouldn't be an issue.
    Fewer people hike in winter so parking is not generally a problem.

    If you are very early you may arrive at something not plowed yet. It is a good idea to pack a snow shovel with you. I have gotten plowed in before.
    There is less space to park along the Adirondack Loj Road in winter for obvious reasons, piles of plowed snow on the shoulder.
    The South Meadows Road (Officially Meadows Lane) is closed for winter.
    The road to Elk Lake trailhead is gated closed at Clear Pond so there's walk to the summer trailhead.
    The road to Sewards trailhead is gated closed 3 miles from the summer trail head.


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      Agree - bring a shovel. It can be very useful. I have always carried a shovel in the car in winter, and through the decades I have used it several times in various places.

      I drove through the Giant area a couple days ago - IIRC all thee long parking pullouts had been plowed.

      Nothing has changed yet regarding parking. It's winter, and all the vermin are asleep, including black flies, and the people who want to destroy the available parking.


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        Confirming - drove through Chapel Pond Pass today. All parking lots and pullouts in the Giant corridor have been plowed.

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      I concur bringing a shovel is a good idea. The major trailheads shouldn't be too much of a problem for you but if your plans change to some other spot like one of the lesser-visited fire towers or smaller mountains the shovel may become a necessity, especially if you're driving a low clearance vehicle. I dug myself parking spaces and out of getting stuck a bunch of times last winter at those kinds of trailheads.


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        One caveat - even in winter, the Garden can get pretty busy on a weekend...


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          Excellent. Thanks all for the info.