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Great range conditions/alternatives this week

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  • Great range conditions/alternatives this week

    My brother and I originally wanted to hike the great range starting from Keene valley and the Rooster Comb trail starting on Tuesday May 16th, but I understand that that it might be too snowy/muddy at those elevations. We don't have much experience with snowy hikes that might require snowshoes or microspikes. Would these be required for tackling this area this week? Is it better to avoid this area entirely? Are there any safer alternatives you would recommend? We're looking for a 3-4 day hike that won't be too crowded and still have some great views. Thanks!

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    You've probably seen the DEC advisory to stay away from the High Peaks right now, due to muddy conditions and the chance for damaging the peaks. They have a list of alternatives in the area on their website. Hopkins is a nice hike and there is also Noonmark and Hurricane. Someone on one of the Facebook hiking pages posted pics of Nippletop and Dial last week and it looked like winter up there. He said he didn't snowshoes, but was dealing with collapsing monorail up high and you're going to see mud down low. If you're plans are changeable, that might be a consideration.