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Wakely fire tower and trail closed due to safety concerns

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  • Wakely fire tower and trail closed due to safety concerns

    Well it just became more difficult to get to all 30 fire towers of the Fire Tower Challenge. Wakely has been closed due to structural issues/ safety concerns.

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    Clarification: You don't have to climb the fire tower to count it toward the Fire Tower Challenge since some are in disrepair/ closed/ unsafe, etc. You only have to climb the mountain and visit the tower. As of December when the tower was closed Wakely was still part of the Challenge since climbing it was not a requirement and the trail was still open albeit more difficult to reach a few miles down a seasonal road. But now that the trail is also closed it appears a bushwhack would be required until the tower is removed from the challenge list. I guess we should await word on that from the Glens Fall-Saratoga Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club.

    Wakely is also one the ADKHH so a bushwhack is in order there if you want to climb it while the trail closure is in effect.
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