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Peak Seasons/Dates in the ADK High Peaks?

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  • Peak Seasons/Dates in the ADK High Peaks?

    Wondering if anyone knows this (for real, like, with statistics).

    I deeply prefer hiking by myself-- my "look at the butterflies" pace can be frustrating to all but the most patient partners-- but am keenly aware of safety issues. To that end I do two things in the High Peaks (aside from the usual register sign in, check ins, leaving my agenda with fam, etc): I rent a personal locator beacon and bring it with me at all times, and I make sure there's lots of people around me (but not with me). I'm picking my 46er quest back up and am planning some trips. So-- anyone have any information on when the crowds WILL be there?
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    The crowds have been getting worse and worse for the last several years. Best bet for smaller crowds is to hike on weekdays. I have no stats - just anecdotal evidence that I'm confident everybody else on the forum will back me up on.

    A word of caution from another solo hiker... the "lots of people around me" approach gives you a false sense of security. Even on a day with big crowds, if you're the last person down the mountain then you are alone. Or if you think somebody will be behind you because you left the summit before them you still might be alone if they descended via a different route. Don't count on others to be around. The PLB, good planning, proper gear, and leaving your itinerary with an emergency contact back home is the safer play.

    Welcome back to the High Peaks. Good luck with your 46. How far along are you?


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      You can rent a PLB? That's interesting. I wonder how that works given that you have to register a PLB to its owner.

      When COSPAS-SARSAT receives a PLB activation, they also receive its GPS coordinates and registration number. They look up the owner and, it's my understanding, can contact the owner to confirm it's not a false alarm. I guess if they can't reach you ASAP they proceed with dispatching the rescue. They'll contact whoever is responsible for SAR in the victim's location and forward them the owner's name ​(and coordinates, of course).

      In the case of a rental, I guess they end up speaking to the rental company. If they can't reach them (outside of business hours?), I imagine SAR will be looking for "Acme PLB Rentals LLC". :-/
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        I'm very into the "my own space, my own pace" concept. For me, that can be extremely variable, but I definitely relate to days of "slow and low". There are indeed times of the year and days of the week which provide better chances of being alone in the high peaks.

        If the goal from the outset is a more quiet experience than indeed weekdays from about noon on Monday until about noon on Thursday are the quieter times of the week. Combine that with a strict aversion to the months of July and August and you have a basic strategy for trying to find more quiet times in the peaks.
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