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Thank you from TMax, Topo and topofgothics

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  • Thank you from TMax, Topo and topofgothics

    TMax-n-Topo’s would like to take a moment to thank all of you out there that have helped make our Hostel the warm and friendly place that is has become. We’ve always said that Topo simply has me keep the place in shape, and it is the friendships, conversations and personalities of his guests that create the warmth and atmosphere of his home.

    It has been seven and a quarter years now, and it looks like TMax and I are going to be around for that much longer, and even more. Topo’s had me make many improvements, and knowing him, this will continue into the foreseeable future.

    For the first time since we took over the Hostel, TMax-n-Topo’s is raising its base rates. While it is something that we are not doing without much forethought, the time has come, and we do believe that the vast majority of our guests will not find the increase unwarranted.

    We hope you all will still find the Hostel a cozy home away from home, and continue to consider it a value while you are in the High Peaks and enjoying you Adirondack Adventure. TMax, Topo, and topofgothics hope to see you soon!

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    I have availed myself to the hostel's services on at least a dozen occasions. Tmax and Topo's provides a wonderful service and, in a way, belongs to us all. We participate in maintaining the place when we pay the rates.
    Let me be the first to thank and congratulate David and Tmax for taking on the hostel and providing us with such affordable, clean and efficient accommodations. David is constantly upgrading the place, plowing any profits back into it and providing us all with a fantastic and very friendly place to stay, right next to the Loj Road, no less. In addition, I know they take their role in the hiking community seriously and are always giving something back.

    Big thanks David and Tmax and that little froggie.


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      What Neil said! You guys are the best in terms of your accommodations because you are hikers and know exactly what we need. And because of the way you constantly reinvest in the hostel. You give back behind the scenes in terms of helping out the Summit Steward program, the hiking community in general with the example you set and your friendly, non judgemental manner! We'll still be visiting your fine establishment often!


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        Great hostel. Wish I could make it up to visit more often. Thanks for running it!
        Love all wilderness!
        Trying to hike and XC ski as much as possible.

        ADK 46/46 still not official.
        W 27/46


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          My home away from home ... and my family away from family!

          ​Thank you Terri and David!
          Looking for Views!


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            Tmax and Topos has been the only place I could consider staying at, when I am in the Lake Placid area. Terri and Dave have taught me much about hiking and keeping my pack as light as possible. Although, I still have to learn to use my water filter, instead of carrying the bottles of water. Some bad habits are hard to break. I have watched through the years as Dave and Terri have made improvements on the place. They always make sure that the atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable. Nothing stays the same forever, but even with a price increase, you cant find a more economic place to stay. Also, where can you find a couple who are also 46'rs right there 24/7 to give you valuable advice when you need it. Its nice to know that there is a Mecca for the hiking community to gather. My only fear is that the day will come when, its tough to book even a bunk because more and more hikers will be lining up to stay there. I already see that during the Winter and some parts of the spring and Summer. But, when you have a popular place like Tmax and Topos, you have to expect that. Good luck in the future, Terri, Dave and Topo.
            Nothing like being in the woods.