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  • iPod Nano found


    Last Sunday (March 19) while hiking from the Loj to Marcy, I found an iPod Nano, 7th generation. It was somewhere between Marcy Dam and the Phelps trailhead. It must have been around 7h30AM. The iPod is fully functional and I'd like to return it to its owner. If you're able to give me the serial number (found in your Apple account) and a few of the artists on the device, I'll be happy to send it to you. Note that I've already been in touch with Apple and I'm waiting to hear from them - maybe they'll want me to return it to them. The iPod's name is SWan's iPod.


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    Belongs to a Stephen Wan .... he's on the Aspiring Facebook page. I cut and pasted your post and added it there.... hopefully you can facilitate its return. Good karma your way.


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      Hi JF,

      It's a miracle, I lost it on Sat. It is in a black roocase, with pic of Kangaroo on back. Some of the playlist names that I can remember are 2016 Hiking, AlltimeModFav, Classical. There may be a 2015 playlist but I can't remember as I think it may have run out of room. If you check the settings under bluetooth you should find two headphones it was paired with. Both are Sennheiser MM-100 and MMX 400. My email is


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        It all matches what's on the iPod. I sent you an email.