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The easiest trail to Dix?

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  • The easiest trail to Dix?

    What is currently the easiest trail to Dix? Is it from the Round Pond or from Elk Lake through Hunters Pass?
    Was the Hunters Pass trail already broken?

    I am thinking about hiking Dix from Elk Lake trailhead in a couple of days.
    I understand that this trail has less elevation gain than the trail from the Round Pond.

    My another option is Iroquois, however I am not so excited about this option.
    A lot of new snow is forecasted for the day after tomorrow and I do not want to repeat an adventure of two kids from Niskayuna.

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    Easy?? Dix?? Not for me....
    Orono Stewie


    • Yury
      Yury commented
      Editing a comment
      I was not claiming that the Dix was easy.
      I have no personal experience, but suspect that it's easier than Cuchsachraga or Cliff/Redfield.

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    Remember that in winter, the Elk Lake approach is gated at Clear Pond, which adds 2 miles (one way) of road walking just to get to the trailhead. This makes Dix alone ~17 miles round trip from Elk Lake, compared to the ~14 mile round trip hike from Round Pond.

    The elevation gain difference appears to be a matter of a few hundred feet (Elk Lake is at ~2000 feet while the Round Pond trailhead is at ~1750), so interpret that as you will.

    Also, if you climb Dix from the south via the direct approach, you have the Beckhorn to deal with. This usually isn't a major obstacle in most conditions but it can be a little tricky if it's icy.

    The Hunter's Pass trail gets relatively little use even in the summer. In the winter, I wouldn't be surprised if it goes weeks without seeing a single visitor. Using it as one leg of a loop over Dix also adds about 3/4ths of a mile to the overall distance from Elk Lake.


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      I'd say from Round Pond would be easier. Reason is that that trail gets more traffic so you will have the best chance of finding a broken trail.

      My partner and I climbed a top section on the Hunters Pass trail from Elk Lake last Friday. We skipped the majority of the steepest parts by going up the Hunters Pass slide instead. The trail wasn't broken out before we got there.