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Hammock in lean-to, legal?

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  • Hammock in lean-to, legal?

    While surfing thru some google images, I came across a photo of an ADK lean-to with a hammock strung from one end to the other inside. I know that tents are illegal inside a LT, but a hammock? A tent takes up more room than just a body and says "goes away" to other arrivals, but hammocks are relatively new. Has the law caught up yet? any legal eagles out there?

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    this has been covered here before and while I don't recall if there was a resolution as to the legality of hammocks in lean-tos, there are clearly some safety and ethics concerns. I would advise against it. (Full disclosure: I hammocked in an otherwise-empty uphill leanto one night after several hours of being kept awake by mice.)


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      Yup; it's been discussed before. Here's one thread:

      What I said (5th post):
      ​A hammock isn't really shelter, the tarp above it is shelter. A hammock is like a replacement for a ground pad. As such, it's tough to have it neatly fall under the "no tents in a lean-to" rule but easily fits in the "bad manners" category.

      ​You're supposed to allow the lean-to to accommodate its maximum carrying capacity. You prevent that from happening if you:
      • ​Spread your gear all over the lean-to's floor.
      • ​Choose to sleep at odd angles instead of front to back.
      • ​String up hammocks inside the lean-to.
      • ​Erect folding chairs and cots inside the lean-to.
      • ​Sub-divide the floor space into private sleeping/cooking/card-playing areas.
      • ​And several other things that will garner you stink-eyes all evening long.

      Looking for Views!


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        maybe not the letter, but probably the spirit.


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          I've never heard a good (official) answer to this either. I would agree that as long as my ability to use my fairly allotted space of the shelter wasn't hindered (including not having anyone sleeping directly over me), I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

          One thing I have noticed that counts against the use of hammocks in lean-tos, however, is an increased number of large spikes (or hooks) being permanently hammered into the walls of lean-tos to facilitate hanging of hammocks. When hammocks are being hung in ways that threaten the integrity or shorten the life span of the shelter, then that's definitely not OK.
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