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    Leave No Trace!


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      Over the decades we have had these people go missing and never seen again like Steve Thomas. What would be nice is if organizations who own cadaver dogs would take some trips to the high peaks even as a recreational trip and especially the Plateau Mount Marcy area to see if there are any remnants of people who died in the mountains because I have heard cadaver dogs can smell a carcass for a long, long, time after the person has died. The technology is still a bit expensive (thousands) and illegal to use in the high peaks but a drone with metal detection sensing might be useful in locating a missing person who had metal on them. Geologists use similar equipment for locating potential metal deposits and maybe the DEC would be able to do a fly over say between the Hopkins and Plateau lean-to sites to see if Steve is there or allow someone to send a drone for a scan. There is iron content in the Adirondack geology so you would likely have to check many hits and possibly come up with nothing or someone's discarded camping equipment.


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        I would think cadaver dogs are a pretty limited resource and if someone with a cadaver dog or a group was going to come look they would be looking at it as a training exercise, which would probably be of limited benefit, since there aren't that many potential human remains to trigger on, so the utility for training would be pretty low value. If not looking at it as a training exercise, they would be looking to get paid or at least their expenses to get there and stay there and return home and where is that money coming from? Going forward, I'm sure that drones will some day play a role in search and rescue, especially with the limited numbers of rangers, but whether there are metal detecting drones coming, I guess we'll have to see. Perhaps we'll see drones that drop off headlamps first! If Steve Thomas's remains are found, it will likely be by accident, by someone who is bushwhacking or is lost and off course or during a search for someone else who is lost, just like the several bodies that were found while they were looking for Gabby Petito in Wyoming.

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        Reading your post, and was thinking about how the cadaver dogs couldn't hit on Brian Laundrie's remains because of what a few weeks in a Florida swamp will do to one.

        I agree, if they find Thomas, it will be randomly or the luck of searching a new/overlooked area.

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      It's nice to see some old shoolers out here.