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Will you see sunrise on the horizon?

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  • Will you see sunrise on the horizon?

    Over on Reddit, someone wanted to find an alpine summit with a clear view of sunrise. There are several apps available to predict the time and location of sunrise. Why location? Depending on the time of year, the sun may rise at a spot on the horizon that is obscured by a nearby peak. For example, here's Algonquin for December 22, 2016. The yellow line indicates the direction of sunrise (its location on the horizon) and it, uh-oh, runs right through nearby Marcy.

    ​FWIW, Photoephemeris is available as an online resource or as an app for iOS and Android (I've haven't tried it; I use something else). This category of app will also show you moonrise/set and times of the day when lighting is either warm or "blue".

    ​There are also apps that use augmented-reality to show you the sun/moon's track through the sky. Hold up your phone to the sky and it will superimpose the tracks on-screen. Other apps can show you how shadows will appear at a given time and date. Altogether, handy information to have in order to make the most of your photography trip to a summit.
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    There's always _something_ at the horizon, if its only just "the horizon". Sunrise is when you see the sun come up, right?


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      Kind of like deja vu all over again.

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      Astronomical, nautical, or civil sunrise?

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    Thanks TB,

    I have a similar request. I'd like to bring my brother up to do some stargazing. He's particularly interested in Jupiter, which will rise low on the horizon to the east.

    Does anyone have any good spots with relatively open eastward skies? We'd be lugging around a telescope, so a long hike is out, but a short one is OK.

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      I realize your post is 18 months old, but just stumbled across it now. I have watched and photographed a good number of sunrises and sunsets from the top of Cascade. It is a relatively short hike and has clear views in all directions with very little light pollution, even though it's not too far from Lake Placid. Only thing is that even on warm summer nights it can get rather cold and windy up there.

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    First one that comes to mind is Pokomoonshine, short, but steep. It has some open views just south of the fire tower, across Lake Champlain and to the east & south.
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      For star-gazing you may wish to take into account sources of light pollution.

      ​Peaks in the Dix and Giant Mountain Wilderness lie in darker areas. Perhaps Bald Peak, east of Giant? Unfortunately it's a bit of a haul from New Russia when you're carrying a telescope! There's also Hurricane. Maybe from Hurricane Road?
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        Taras - thanks for posting this!

        Here's an example for Mt Madison, with the photo captured last Saturday (1/14/17) Sunrise over South Carter:,-71.277673&center=44.3156,-71.2688&z=13&spn=0.06,0.23&dt=20170114071900-0500

        Click image for larger version

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