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    Originally posted by JoshC View Post
    I'm just now rethinking my camera choices. I hiked a heavy pack of my 7dii dslr and lenses up Giant, but I found that I often didn't want to stop and deal with all my gear (that I usually love to use) when tired and looking to make good time. So my smartphone got to do many of the pics along the way. I still took the whole rig out up top.

    For my next peaks, I used my canon point and shoot, the G1X. I could have it in an easy to access spot... But I found that I still went for my phone. I think that the lack of a really wide lens (28mm 's the ultra wide lens on my dslr) made me feel that the phone was just less hassle.

    I'm a photo nerd, so this is all perplexing. I really need to go lighter and more compact than a normal dslr w 3 lenses, but I also want something that I can do great work with.

    Anyone else been through this?

    Mirrorless, friend.

    Interchangeable lenses allow you to put whatever you want on there, but they're small and light enough to actually lug up a High Peak. Chris Lang is really excellent at both hiking and photography, last we talked he was using an Olympus. I personally use a Fuji, primarily because they make excellent, light, small primes. I actually use primarily an ultra-wide (15mm/22mm equivalent) lens for Leica M, Fuji makes an adapter. Works great. I like the slightly bigger sensor from the Fuji because I also use it for event photography where I need to shoot at high ISO.

    (I started hiking with a Nikon D3 (!) and a 24-70mm (!!) ...obviously we photographers have all been there.)
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      autochromatica I've always enjoyed your pics Sean. Of the two Fujis you use predominantly, pros and cons? I would like to take better pictures than the iiphone allows, but am not a photographer by any stretch.

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    And sold! I went wireless this weekend with an a6000. Looking forward to trying it on the trail!

    How do you carry yours? Did you go for one of those leather skin/case things than cover the bottom half of the body?


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      I don't have anything covering the body, I have a tiny zippered case (one Ruggard, one Tamrac) which I tie down to my waist strap on my pack. They're not waterproof, but I always have a dry bag inside my pack just in case.

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    I use a Nikon Coolpix AW110. It does good 1080p video and stills and is waterproof to 59'. I use it hiking, kayaking, fishing and traveling. Take a look at it.


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      Nikon D850 is my favorite camera which I really like for enjoying the photography.