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    Baby vaughn richard came out screaming at 2:02pm today. The hospital is on wierd swine flu rules so the grandparents are waiting 2 days to meet him. He is my future partner for all kinds of crazy adventures. Pics to follow soon.
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    WoooHoooo.....Congrats Doug.

    What a wonderful gift.

    All the best - Cindy
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      Doug, don't you mean B 46er?

      Congrats man, envy that feeling for sure.
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        Congrats Doug
        The mountains are calling and I must go - John Muir.
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          Congrats Doug!! Definitely a life changing event....mostly for the better, until all their activities start getting in the way of your plans. Kidding, enjoy it. I had my daughter up Algonquin at 20 months and my son up Mt Jo at 5 months. Awesome memories! Can't wait to start doing some hiking with them on their own and not on my back!
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            Don't wait till he can walk! Start packing him up on your back!
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              Congrats MOM and DAD. Enjoy the sweet life while it lasts
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                Congrats, Daddy Doug! A little HillMonstor has entered the room!
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                  Big congrats to you, the mommy and baby....lucky baby

                  Really happy for all of you
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                    Congratulations.... I think....

                    Sleep.... Remember what that is, because you won't find it for some time now.
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                      Congratulations Doug!
                      I see your backpack getting heavier in the near future
                      Map and compass man!


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                        Congratulations to you and your wife.
                        Simply a wonderful day!
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                          Congratulations on a huge event.

                          She: Doug, where's Vaughn?
                          Doug: I left him in the col.


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                            Originally posted by ALGonquin Bob View Post
                            Congrats, Daddy Doug! A little HillMonstor has entered the room!
                            You Better sign him up on the forum now, pick out a trail name..

                            Congrats Doug.... Sleep when you can.....
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                              Congratulations to you both. Life starts getting interesting now. My daughter bought me the baby Kelty kid carrier backpack for my birthday, she's is coming home with my Grandaughter on Wed. for my other daughters wedding Friday. I say we take the little buggers out on a nice fall whack Thursday, I'm sure the moms wont mind
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