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    El Loco is Spanish for the "Crazy One!" Having taught the language for 30 years and with my desire to continue to do what others my age think is crazy it was a natural for me. I hope I continue to be this way for as long as my body allows me to do so. Never one to wish time away though I am already planning for the summer and especially next winter when I can finish my W46; only 10 to go!! Happy hiking:>)
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      I lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and other cities in Asia.


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        Originally posted by redshorts47
        I was recently asked "why redshorts". I hadn't replied to this thread before just because, I guess in a way the name is a little disturbed, or some might find it a little tasteless. I don't know, but no disrespect was ever intended.

        It started when the story of David Sharp made national headlines. This story was unfolding right at the time I was starting my 46. I was very intrigued by the whole story and what climbers go through to climb Everest. What I found most interesting was the part about Green Boots, the Indian climber who died in the '96 tragedy. I never really stopped and thought about what happened to the climbers that die on the mountain. I guess I figured they just carried them down. Simple enough, at least I had thought. Never thinking it's hard enough to make that climb, how would you get people down.

        After just reading this story in the paper, a couple of people and I were discussing the story while out on a hike for our 46. I was then commenting on how steep the trail was and if I couldn't make it up I would sit and stay on the mountain saying hello to people going by and that I would eventually be dubbed "red shorts" for the color of shorts I wore... obviously.
        I've seen'em , quite attractive....LOL
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