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ADKhighpeaks Window Decals for sale

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  • ADKhighpeaks Window Decals for sale

    As already posted (in the patches thread), we have ordered 100 "outside-adhesive" stickers. They have been sale for about 1 week on the ONLINE STORE, and you are welcome to order from there.

    As promised though, I have created a "traditional way" to order them for folks that would prefer to do it this way. It's slightly cheaper at $3 per sticker (tax included). You end up saving anywhere from $.30-1.00 (depending on how many you buy) from the online price. Mostly because you provide the shipping (SASE), and we save the 3.5% transaction online fee and pass it on to you.

    Directions are pretty straightforward. Download and print the .pdf below and follow instructions.

    BWT, I just got an e-mail that said the decals were done and have been shipped to me. If you already ordered, I'd expect to see yours in the next week or so.

    As of today, we have about 55-58 left. ORDER NOW
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    I received the first batch of stickers. I was NOT happy with the quality. It turns out that there was a problem with the onlyline wizard and the image I sent got distorted in the process. I have contacted them and we have come to a resolution, which in essance means that they will redo our decals and this time we did a much more traditional method to get the art to them (e-mail) and in a better format. They put a rush on it and I will have them by Monday. I will ship them very quicky after that.

    Sorry for the delay. In truth, the other ones weren't really bad, but I expected (and wanted) much better quality. The sticker had a slightly dullish and muddied appearence as if it had already been on a car for 6 months. I found them unacceptable and they were good about it.

    Bottom line, no extra cost to you... but you do have to wait an extra week.
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      No worries, but thanks for letting us know!
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        Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Totally annoyed now.

        Got the stickers, and they look GREAT. Except that they are INSIDE ADHESIVE stickers, not OUTSIDE ones as we ordered. I'm too annoyed to deal with the incompetance of the vendor once again, as the complexities of ordering 100 stickers seems to be beyond them . Thanks god the Calendars are through another vendor.

        Here is what I propose to do.

        I am going to send everyone the stickers they ordered (except that they will be inside-adhesive sticking decals). I will also throw in a few of the original ones at no charge. In truth, they look okay, the image is just not as crisp when you look at it up close. From 5-6 feet away, you can't really tell (I can't anyway) The INSIDE ones we got though, look great are of the quality I wanted. Hopefully this works for you.

        I'll be mailing soon enough (in the next couple days) so you'll get them soon. Like I said, I'll throw in some of the other (not quite as good) ones in each order free and if you wanna use them feel free. Hopefully INSIDE STICKING ones will work for you. If not though, and you don't like the quality of the outside one, feel free to PM me and we'll get you a refund.

        For those that didn't order yet. Go ahead, they look great, just remember you are buying inside adhesive decals.
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          I prefer inside stickers anyway, last longer... and i don't like putting stickers on paint and trying to remove them later if you sell the vehicle. I haven't had a bumper sticker on my car in years. But whatever... :p

          I'll probably get a few of these. Any word on adkforum stickers?


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            I prefer the inside ones as well. I won't run the risk of scrapping it off in the winter.


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              Originally posted by Snitchols View Post
              I prefer the inside ones as well. I won't run the risk of scrapping it off in the winter.
              Good thing, cuz those are the ones that look much better. I shipped all the current orders out. I threw in a few extra of the "outside" ones. You'll be able to see the difference between them right away. Feel free to chuck em, or use em. Whatever you want.

              I have tinted windows, so I went with the outside sticker on that one and Katie opted for the inside one on her car (normal windows). I have about 30 left.

              p.s. Also, you'll notice that our logo is not square so there is a little excess transparent area. I trimmed mine down with scissors to get rid of it. It turned out nice. I have about 27-30 left.

              Any word on adkforum stickers?
              It seemed as they were luke warm on this one (I think they wanted to do glassware, which is expensive in anything but volume). I'm still pondering it. I'd like to do something.
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                Thanks, it's fine. I can use both, the inside ones for my car and the outside ones to stick on other peoples car at the trail head!
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                  I can use both, the inside ones for my car and the outside ones to stick on other peoples car at the trail head!
                  Good idea.

                  Got my decals today, thanks. I prefer the inside decals too. Proudly being displayed.

                  Thanks - Cindy
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                    Do we still have stickers left? I am prebuying stickers now for an eventual replacement of my motorized transportation.


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                      Still have these?


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                        I'd imagine no. If they were available would probably be available here:

                        on the donation and online store page. Glad you brought it up though. I'd get one if there was ever a reprint. Also Mike P, have you seen the patches that are available right now? They are gorgeous (even more so in real life, mine is on my winter hiking hat).
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                          Thanks, not much for patches, other than the peakbagging ones which only sit on my dresser. I am a decal and calendar junkie so I'll be looking for a 2015 calendar soon.

                          If I'm averse to online donating, can I over pay for my calendar & have the excess go to the foundation? (oddly against the fear or having paper, no one picks through my trash, the computers of the stores and banks I do business with though.....)