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Rail bike company to buy Tahawus line

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  • Rail bike company to buy Tahawus line
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    How would it work on a single track line?
    One trail bike at a time?
    You would not be able to make money this way.


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      I think from reading the article that the main operation will continue to be the short trips near North Creek. Rail biking on the northern stretch towards Tahawus is an addition planned for the future.

      In keeping with the existing tours, and with the market they are going for, I would expect the Tahawus tours would also be short trips.


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        It will be interesting. Newcomb is trying to make a shift in economics and capture more of the tourism market enjoyed (?) by the towns like LP, Saranac Lake, etc. This in and of itself won’t make a huge difference but it will add to the base of tourism they seek. I never really believed all the hoo haa from the other company that failed to come up with the cash for deposit and the excuse about Russian sanctions effecting their financing made more even happier they didn’t win the bid. Now the question is, will the rail company play nicer in Newcomb then they did in Saranac? Time will tell.
        In the meantime OSI has made efforts to enhance the infrastructure, interpretive learning, and history of tge properties they own around the Upper Works which can also help to add to some economic growth. Now if SUNY ESF could step up, albeit I believe the school is still in receivership, better utilization of the AIC would also help.
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          Originally posted by Yury View Post
          How would it work on a single track line?
          One trail bike at a time?
          You would not be able to make money this way.
          The way they work around here is they all go in 1 big caravan, at a preset time. They do an out and back. I suspect start times are posted in advance. I'm not sure how heavy they are and how they are turned around.
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            The turn around point typically has a spot with a removeable or recessed rotating disc with its own rails... picture something kind of like an auto lift on a circular plate. Once the bike is supported on the sub rails, the whole contraption spins 180 and the bike can roll back down onto the permanent track and the rail portion of the device can be tossed back into the woods or where ever its stored. They're cleverly simple.

            EDIT: found one -