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God Bless Truck Drivers!

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  • God Bless Truck Drivers!

    We drove from Halfmoon to Toledo Ohio today. We left at 8:30 AM and got to the hotel at 7:00. I was stiff every time I got out of the car for the rest stops.

    I have a back ache. I never get back aches. My back hurts more now then when I laid down sod this spring! Then my back was just a little tired.

    I was exhausted when I arrived. I ate a ton of food at the Outback Steakhouse. I am in my PJ's here at the hotel at 9:30 PM.

    I would have a real hard time doing this for a living. God Bless people who drive for a living!

    Tomorrow we only drive 2 1/2 hours to Kalamazoo Michigan. Then I check my son into Western Michigan University for their Hydro Geology Field Camp. That is looking like an easier day.

    PS: It was so flat the whole way. I am thankful I live some close to the Adirondacks. I am going to kiss the ground when I get back to the mountains!
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    I drove that way, on my way to Michigan, many years ago. I hate flat.
    Nothing like being in the woods.


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      Our lake house is on Hougton Lake, MI (Prudenville). For a quick point of reference, since MI is shaped like a mitten, hold up your left hand, palm out, fingers together. Its on the second knuckle of your middle finger.

      To avoid potentially sitting at the border for hours, or indefinitely now (thanks a lot, Trudeau), I take the longer route through Ohio and make this drive overnight, mentally breaking the trip down into three sections. Home to Erie, PA., where I woof down a Sheetz sub, stock up on sunflower seeds, and top off the gas tank. Erie to Toledo, where some attention is required to get the 90>75>475>23 sequence right. And then Toledo to camp with a fuel top off/stretch stop near Flint to avoid rolling into Prudenville with 0.00 miles to empty. If traveling alone with no cargo box/bike rack on the car with good weather and limited construction traffic, I can almost make this whole trip, starting near Phoenix, NY on a single tank of gas.

      My trip for hunting season is a little longer, since hunting camp is way out on the "Yoop" (Upper Peninsula), and the closest town is either Iron River, MI or Phelps, WI., depending on how many feet of snow they have by mid-November.

      I don't envy long-haul truckers at all, and as much as I b1tch about being stuck behind them on long drives, I'm grateful for folks who are willing to do the job.
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        I don't even think the drive to Toledo is that intolerable. There are major cities every 1-1.5hr and you get views of Lake Erie on occasion. The real suck starts west of Dayton


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          We do the drive to the Black Hills of South Dakota from here in the Adirondacks. It's a great destination, and worth the long drive. But there certainly is a lot of flat. Thankfully, the speed limit is 80 in South Dakota, which helps to get it done. And in Ohio where the speed limit is 70, the left lane runs at 90+, which also helps to get it done.


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            Same with MI, once you're north of Detroit. Limit goes up to 75 and traffic flows 80-85, which is nice if you're more concerned about time than MPGs. I tend to split the difference.

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          I was driving in a 2009 HONDA CRV that was loaded with crap. When loaded with crap, the car handles like crap so we kept it at 65. Hondas run for a long time (the car has 180,000 miles on it. ) and that is a great attribute but the CRV is not winning any road handling awards when loaded. The seats where never comfortable and after 12 years have not gotten better.
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            I drive through Northern Ohio once or twice a year on my way to Indiana (or worse) with a full race trailer behind me. Slows the trip down quite a bit and getting through/around Cleveland is almost never any fun.
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