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Hunter shoots hiker on popular trail after mistaking him for turkey

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  • Hunter shoots hiker on popular trail after mistaking him for turkey

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    Thought I’d check NYS Turkey hunting season. It’s in the fall. So we’re safe. For now.


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      On the Adirondack Forum they just posted pictures of turkeys that they bagged in the spring season.
      Leave No Trace!


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        Originally posted by Bunchberry View Post
        On the Adirondack Forum they just posted pictures of turkeys that they bagged in the spring season.
        Your right Apr 24 to May 31.

        Guess Hunter orange is in season.


        • CatskillKev
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          Not exactly. Its 12 to 15 years old April 24th and April 25th. Then the regular turkey season is May 1st to May 31st. 1/2 hour before sunrise until noon are the official hours.

        • Makwa
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          How do you know how old the turkey is?

          Preemptive response... I know. I was joking.

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        Must be big turkeys in MO.

        But seriously, there's gotta be more to this story than what's being told. There is no valid reason for this to occur.
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        • Bunchberry
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          Dick Cheney wants to talk to you!

        • Craig
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          HA! I bet he does!

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        Another article:

        Three things stood out:

        A hiker mistaken for a turkey was accidentally shot in the chest Saturday afternoon by a hunter while using a popular St. Charles County trail, police said.

        So the hunter was able to aim center-mass but couldn't see the person's face? Was the hiker wearing a turkey costume?

        "I could hear voices, and then I saw a hunter with a large rifle and dressed head to toe in camouflage clothes," said a witness, who asked not to be identified.

        Who TF hunts turkey with a rifle? Its unlikely that this was the case. People who don't know guns shouldn't try to ID them. Just say he was holding a long gun. I'm surprised nobody specifically tried calling it an AR15.

        "This is a freak accident, I think. I always purposely wear my bright colors, so no hunters mistake me for anything," said Phillips.

        I rarely believe stories about people "accidentally" being shot by hunters. Ever notice how they're almost always well-placed shots? Most people I know who hunt, myself included, have hunted our whole lives and have never come remotely close to mistaking a human being for an animal of any kind. Hunting accidents tend to take place when people are bunched together and moving in and out of tree stands, cars, ATVs, thick brush, etc when somebody is hung over and not practicing muzzle and/or trigger discipline.

        I'm not saying this was attempted murder, but there's got to be more to the story.
        My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.


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          Doing a little reading. Banter about whether the trails in that preserve should be closed in season. Also a Mourning Dove season occurs within the property.

          In our local preserve it’s closed to the general public for Duck Hunting. Hunters are allowed in but need to get a permit from the town. This is for a week on a heavily used property - walking, running, biking and some fishing.


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            Who knew Dick Cheney comes to the Adirondacks?