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  • The Mountaineer store

    Does anyone know the people that run/own the Mountaineer? I tried to send them a email and their email address ( does not seem to be working. No one is picking up the phone either. It maybe early still for the phone.

    I have a question about a map I want to order. I am just concerned they maybe having a problem and not know about it. I don't want them to miss out on any potential sales.
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    They are closed right now so it tracks that they aren't picking up the phone. E-mail... did you copy/paste that from your e-mail to them? If yes, it's spelled wrong. You're missing the A in mountaineer.

    As a responsible member of our community, state and nation dealing with the ongoing Coronavirus threat, The Mountaineer has temporarily suspended business hours.

    This closure effects the remainder of the business week and will very likely extend beyond – gauging daily updates on the crisis.
    Our decision is informed by guidance from Govervor Cuomo and the New York State Department of Health on non-essential business operations.
    We would ask that all patrons and long-time loyal customers heed calls to minimize unneccesary travel during this heightened period of risk & uncertainty.

    These are unprecedented times.
    Be patient, stay put, and stay safe.
    The mountains will be here.

    On-line Store OPEN
    Please be patient with fulfillment time.


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      This is crazy!

      First I did right click I just tried "cut email address" and got "" and then I did the right click and tried just "copy" and got "".

      Thank you makwa!
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        I sent my email and it did not come back to me so I am good!
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        • Craig
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          When they reach out to you tell them they have a typo in their email address on the website. The static display is spelled correctly, but the emailto: hyperlink is not.

          This will make sense to their webmaster.

        • Bunchberry
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          Sent an email pointing to this thread

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        What was your question about a map, and what map? Maybe someone here has enough spare question to answer it.

        ADK 46r #8003; 6W
        2nd round: 16
        SL6r #596
        Catskill 3500 21/39; 11W


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          Lake George Region - Miller Map

          What is the copyright date of the maps you are selling?

          Mine is 1984. I am hoping you have a newer one
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