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    For those of you who do not/have not listened yet to FootStuff Podcast, here's one to consider checking out. Most of us are familiar with the #addnysrangers campaign as well as some of the information and misinformation regarding the High Peaks Wildnerss land usage. This podcast episode is part 1 of what is expected to be a 2 to 3 part series with forest ranger Jim Giglinto. Jim is about as much of a verifiable primary source as a person can be in terms of the ADK (with the exceptions of Mr. Goodwin and a small handful of notable others), and at certain points throughout the episode it seemed almost impossible that he and ranger SVL work for the same agency. I'm not going to say I'm leaning towards either rangers' POV, but its really fascinating to hear such varying opinions from different sides of the same coin.

    Episode link:

    Podcast homepage:
    My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.

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    I listened last week. This episode is certainly worth checking out.
    Jim is the yin to Scott's yang.

    Mr. Giglinto seems to have a very sound and rationale perspective of the state of the High Peaks. He doesn't jump on the buzzword bandwagon or overreact.

    His main concerns seem to be hiker preparedness.

    I am all for NYS adding more Forest Rangers. However, Mr. Giglinto makes some great points about the need for more Assistant Forest Rangers.

    You can also tell that he was not a fan of playing parking cop for the benefit of a few elites.

    My daughter thought it was really funny everytime Jim picked on Wade.


    • FlyFishingandBeer
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      I was surprised at how quick he was at stonewalling any attempts of the hosts, or one of the hosts to get him to agree with certain narrative ideas or preconceived notions about the area. He even called him out for doing exactly that.

      He and Wade seem to have a pretty interesting chemistry. I suspect that Jim has a lot more respect for Wade than he lets on.

    • Learning The Trails
      Learning The Trails commented
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      Yeah, he shot it down pretty quickly and did a nice job of backing up his opinion with facts.

      The guy has been working here for 25 years. He knows a thing or two.
      It's a shame that footstuff is probably the only place we'll see him get interviewed on these topics.

      And, yeah you can tell he likes Wade. She just got a kick out of Jim giving Wade the "Burn!"

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    I was also surprised but Jim's take and I think the hosts were too. But he did say that he'd like to see more assistant rangers (rangers without police power) and trail workers, so his position is not entirely contrary to Scott's.


    • FlyFishingandBeer
      FlyFishingandBeer commented
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      It is, and it isn't. Scott is actually asking for more law enforcement presence in addition to the other infrastructural support that most people agree that the area needs; trail crews, stewards, etc...unless he doesn't view more rangers as being more law enforcement. Jim seems to be saying that the LEO side of it isn't necessary but having more representative faces during peak times is, and he seemed to emphasize trail crews as a priority.

      I'm curious what the dynamic is between the two of them, or what Scott's reaction to Jim's interview was.