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The Bushwack Song

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  • The Bushwack Song

    To be sung like the ''Sound of Silence''. My apologies to Simon and Garfunkel.

    The Sound of Bushwack

    Hello bushwack my old friend
    I come to suffer once again
    Saw a ledge slowly creeping
    Smashed my shin, started bleeding
    And a vision, that was planted in my brain
    The scars remain

    Within the sound....of bushwack

    Sodtraps sinking to my knees
    Can't see the forest for the trees
    Clamber over more deadfall
    Time to scale another wall
    What does mother nature have in store?
    Ten thousand trees maybe more...

    Hear the sound....of bushwack

    Spruce branches in my face
    Must flee this forsaken place
    Stumbling through more blowdown
    Welcome to my downtown
    Boots dragging through the muck
    I just say what the ****
    Biting insects bring no cheer
    Man I need a nice cold beer

    And the grunts of my 'shwacking
    Echo off the forest wall
    And now I crawl

    Whisper the sounds...of bushwack

    Sweat is pouring off my back
    Spruce needles fill my pack
    Why is it I like 'shwack?
    I'm addicted just like crack
    But heaven knows, I'll be back!
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    We don't stop playing because we get old; we get old because we stop playing ~ Satchel Paige


    • DennisK
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      Thanks Debmonster

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    Amazing. You captured the addictive misery perfectly through imagery.
    I love the song's original as well as many of the covers, and will definitely be thinking of this on Sunday when I'm hopefully 'shwacking in the cats.
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    46er #11779

    "Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds"


    • DennisK
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      Thanks. Be safe in the ‘Cats.

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    Perfect! Though you might work in a verse about the multiple scratches, and the clothes & pack gradually filling up with needles.


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      Great idea! Maybe I'll work on another verse

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    Just added a few lyrics.


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      Came here expecting this...


      • bikerhiker
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        man us children of the 80's/90's were fed some twisted tv, those guys were literally biting butts and licking heads in that clip

      • Learning The Trails
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        bikerhiker whenever I hear the term bushwhacker... They're my first thought.
        Were they cartoony, gross, and weird? Yep, and that's what made them awesome!
        The character's from that era can't be beat!

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      That's awesome. Thanks for sharing!