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  • New FKT

    Route details here:

    EDIT: I should add that this article has nothing to do with me.
    My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.

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    Wow. Impressive feat. That old record held for a pretty long time.

    I wish we had known about this as it was going on.

    I think the Garmin watch is waaayyy off... says he burned 40,000 calories. Consumed 24,000 along the way. That deficit isn't enough to lose 15 pounds unless they ended severely dehydrated and weighed themselves right then.


    • Eddie Fournier
      Eddie Fournier commented
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      it checks out:
      caloric deficiency = (40-24)/3.5 = 5 pounds
      1000 bug bites x .01 pound = 10 pounds
      total: 15 pounds

    • FlyFishingandBeer
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      This dude who is ironically named Jock uses the Fenix 5, so I can't speak for that precise model. My Fenix 5X Sapphire is spot-on, as long as I keep updating my weight with it. If my math is correct, he had the potential to burn off 5.7LBs, not including water weight. Add extreme dehydration to that and we'll say 10-12LBs total?

    • Adirondackiteer
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      I'm surprised there is that much variability in calorie burn? Aren't they all using the same formula?

      Don't forget to take into account their before weight might have been exaggerated with over hydrating, and yes I am sure with their big push to finish on that extreme last day they were likely very dehydrated. And I'm sure the estimation on how many calories they consumed has a good margin of error as well. And if it was all fully digested or perhaps not...

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    If I understand this correctly, all you need to do is climb the 46 peaks and stop the clock on top of that 46th one. So, unless they can confirm that they made it back to the trailhead, that incredible feat would still not make them official 46ers...


    • Learning The Trails
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      CatskillKev - Do you have a link to Jan's comment?

      They definitely screwed up by stopping the clock... A shame because they raised so much money (which is the important thing) and they definitely would've had it if they kept the tracker running.

    • CatskillKev
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      Learning The Trails, first comment in the second link of the original post.
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    • Learning The Trails
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      CatskillKev Thanks - Not sure how I missed that.

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    some assorted thoughts on their fkt ...
    - imo they gave away some time with their bushwhack route. going to gravestone brook rather than from the D/N col (which i believe jan/cory did) seems a waste of miles.
    - jan and cory did porter/cascade from the garden. i wonder if these guys would have done that too given the chance, or if they determined the route from marcy field to be faster/easier.
    - were some regulations skirted? not sure what camping at the 'trailheads' of the santanoni express or big slide entail. were they carrying bear canisters?


    • Charlene 2.0
      Charlene 2.0 commented
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      Trail from the Garden to Porter is closed, at least it was last year.

    • FlyFishingandBeer
      FlyFishingandBeer commented
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      Caught that. Possible wording issues involved maybe? Camping at either TH would have illegal. Camping "near" either TH would have been OK if they observed back country regs.

      Can you elaborate on your thoughts on their BW route? I've never bushwacked back in that area, but it seemed to make sense when I checked it out on their track log.

    • greatexpectations
      greatexpectations commented
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      @ Charlene 2.0 - i realize that, and my question was based off of that closing. the point of my question was wondering whether they would have preferred marcy field anyway or whether the garden side closure cost them a little time.

      @ FF&B - it is quite possible they did everything above board but their wording is unclear. as for the bushwhack, they went to the dix trail via gravestone brook which brought them north when their target was south. it added some miles and climb as compared to a more direct bushwhack from the D/N col to the dix trail. my speculation is that they were able to get a gps track for the gravestone descent so that is the route they went with.

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    Wow a nearly unbelievable feat. But looking at their training... two 50 milers in a week, the 156mi Marathon des Sables... wow. I've wanted to try a 50 miler sometime, but I probably wouldn't be up to even jogging a mile or two for a week after, even a regular old 26 mile marathon has me out of commission for several days. Its amazing what the human body is capable of, or at least some gifted human bodies!

    But the curmudgeon in me isn't as thrilled... that sounds like absolute misery to me. One article mentions Mr Jock suspects he fractured a tibia as well. Why does it have to be about some huge accomplishment first, why aren't they already 46'r experienced in these mountains and maybe looking to up there game? Seems doing them first would give them valuable insight for the challenge also. At least one article mentions one of them had done 20 peaks, no mention on the other, other that they attempted this in the past but had to bail. So many just want to set some record then maybe they'll be back to enjoy it at some later point. I hope they do, and make more memories than what I would imagine is mostly a death march, and spend some time on the summit which I am sure they had to keep to a minimum. Sure I am going for the accomplishment of being a 46'r myself but taking my sweet time enjoying every minute, and even though I could have easily finished a while ago I've also been hiking lesser peaks and re-hiking some I've done.

    Did anyone else check out their GPS tracks? Some oddities in there like a gap that shows day 1 ending half way on the Couch trail, then Day 2 starting at what appears to be the Santa Express Tr / Bradly Pond Tr jct. Last day track ends on Whiteface with no indication of doing Esther (or climbing down)? Maybe there batteries couldn't handle the long days. I suppose the gaps aren't a big deal, with other evidence that they completed Esther from pics and such.

    After the future regulation change to no at large camping, their itinerary would not be possible, for the couple nights they spent near the 'trailheads'. Being forced to existing sites only will definitely impact plans of many, and make these record setting attempts much more difficult (if they are following rules).
    ADK Black River Chapter

    33/46 barefoot ;-)


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      I don't know exactly what these 46 high peaks need but I know they don't need a bunch of outsiders showing up and setting a FKT and advertising it for their own personal gain and leaving.
      Leave No Trace!


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        The widespread coverage that this has received is definitely not great in terms of adding more exposure to the already over-saturated media/social media coverage of the High Peaks region. That being said, we have to be cautious about using terms like “outsider” and falling into the trap of believing that our own reasons for exploring this area is above those of others. Public land is still public land, and frankly these guys have done less to impact the area than somebody who is multiple rounds into a grid attempt or even rangers and/or other locals who frequent those trails.

        I’d actually like to see trail improvement occur in our lifetime to the point where *some* of these trails could be included in organized race events without having to worry about further damage to the ecosystem or scorn from the community.
        My mind was wandering like the wild geese in the west.


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        Makwa Ampersand isn't used in the 6er Relay because of the No Racing in the High Peaks law. They use "little" Panther Mountain on route 3 as a substitute.


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        WOW!! These guys must be really fast...