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Climbers Who Lied About Climbing Everest...

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  • Climbers Who Lied About Climbing Everest...

    I know we have some fleet-footed folks on the forum but can any of you descend 12.5 miles and 11,000 feet in 2 hours? No? Odds are these guys can't either...

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    There was another group a few years back, proven to have faked a summit and they were banned from Nepal and making further attempts on Everest!
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      That's nothing compared to this claim (then again gravity on Mars is 38% of Earth's, so maybe this is an easy climb).

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        Depends on your definition of easy. If it was possible to hike Olmpus Mons - you wouldn't even realize you were climbing a mountain. It's something like a 1% grade. It's the mileage and lack of water that would be the hard part.

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        I'd think the lack of oxygen and the trip to the "trail head" would be the hardest part. At least there's no parking restrictions...

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      I saw the article that Outside wrote about that situation on everest, and I saw that stat of the descent (2hrs for 12.5 miles and 11k feet) and I was doing the math in my head and its like, whaaaa....jogging down a mountain at 6+ mph in full 8k peak gear for 2hrs....
      In his memoirs Anatoli Boukreev (1996 Everest disaster, summited many 8k peaks without supplemental 02) noted very honestly knowing he and his fellow climbers did not reach a summit's actual high point (within view a few meters away) but were close, they considered that they reached the highest point attainable by a climber at that point. And he noted wondering if his ascent would be disputed by others, and while he tried to say he climbed for himself and was happy with his turnaround point, it seemed he was afraid others would not be as accepting of his accomplishment.
      Offhand I don't remember the exact mtn Boukreev was talking about, but I got the impression it is a significantly different situation as the indian climbers in the article noted above.
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        I've timed myself descending 5-7 K per hour, but only over short stretches, on ideal terrain, with lots of oxygen, and without a huge pack!
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          Iíve hiked Everest several my dreams. In my dream, I am winging away to the top on glided footies, waving to those around me. Iíve done Olympus Mons, also. I have also climbed Mount Telirus on Planet Augusta Prime in the Sidious Star Cluster.
          Nothing like being in the woods.


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            I hope you did the Augusta Prime Nine Challenge while you were there. Shame to go all that way and not get the patch.

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            Dang! Dang! Dang!

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          Guys... You won't believe this... But, since my last post... I flew to Katmandu. Killed the Base Camp trail. Sprinted past camps I-IV. Tippy toe-d my way to the summit and made a leisurely jog back to base camp in less than 4 hours.

          Everest is basically the Catamount of Nepal.


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            Show me your summit selfie

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            as the footstuff guys say, "pics or it didn't happen"

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            so for your avatar you gotta 'shop you and Kailee (your current avatar) standing on top of Everest, still in your shorts and tees