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Halfmoon warns residents about 'mountain lion' sightings

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  • Halfmoon warns residents about 'mountain lion' sightings

    My town - exit 9 of north way

    Leave No Trace!

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    I've evidently used up all of my Times Union "Views..."
    Can anyone copy & paste the article & post it?

    I'm rather skeptical of a big cat being in NY.


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      HALFMOON A Saratoga County town took to social media Thursday afternoon to warn its residents about possible sightings of a mountain lion.

      "We have received information from residents that there have been sightings of a mountain lion in the vicinity of Coons Crossing (in) the northern part of Halfmoon," the town posted on Facebook. "We would just like to alert everyone to please be aware for the safety your families and pets."

      Halfmoon Supervisor Kevin Tollisen said Thursday evening that he instructed staff to post the notice online after several residents called Town Hall, as well as the town's animal control officer, to report seeing a large animal in their neighborhood.

      "People are saying, literally, they saw a lion," Tollisen said, adding that another resident became alarmed after finding large paw prints.

      Coons Crossing is close to a few residential developments but is mostly rural, with walking trails and wooded areas, Tollisen said. The town's Facebook post is meant as a "precaution," so residents know to be careful while walking in the area and to secure their pets indoors, he said.

      "Hopefully, this large animal whatever it is just keeps going," Tollisen said, adding that town animal control officer has contacted the state Department of Environmental Conservation to investigate further.

      Halfmoon is patrolled by the State Police and Saratoga County Sheriff's Office. Sheriff Michael Zurlo and State Police spokeswoman Trooper Kerra Burns said that neither agency has received reports of mountain lion sightings.

      Mountain lions, or Eastern cougars, have been absent from New York since the late 1800s, according to the DEC's factsheet on the animal.

      There have been isolated sightings of the big cats in New York over the years; however, those cougars had either escaped captivity from licensed facilities or trekked thousands of miles from other states, the DEC website states.

      "While DEC receives several reports of cougar sightings each year, it is mostly cases of mistaken identity of other animals. Cougars are commonly mistaken for wild bobcats, fishers and coyotes, as well as domestic house cats and dogs," reads the agency's factsheet.

      For information on how to avoid conflict with wildlife,

      To report sightings of rare species in New York, visit


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        No pictures, when everyone has a camera-equipped phone these days. But it does sound like 'several' witnesses all saw the same thing.

        VFTT had a very long running thread about the big kitties a while back, started by a resident of Chazy, NY.
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        • Learning The Trails
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          See you're hitting on points that make me skeptical. Also, no attacks on humans, pets or farm animals?

        • Bunchberry
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          I live in the area and we have a neighborhood website thing and people's pets disappear every day! But that could just be bobcats and coyotes and foxes

        • Makwa
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          Or dognappers. Yes... it's a thing...