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Trip to Fiscal Cliff

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  • Trip to Fiscal Cliff

    I was hoping someone would help me find this new obstacle I seem to be hearing a lot about - the fiscal cliff. Sounds like something that would be a real challenging climb. So many people in Washington seem to be afraid of going over it, anyone know how tall it really is and how long a climb or even where it is? I don't think it is in Washington, that place was built on a swamp, a piece of property no one really wanted (nor really wants to this day).

    (Yes - I am bored, this season seems to have broad shoulders...)
    Enjoying the journey with my favorite hiking partner.
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    We won't be lucky enough to climb it; the risk is that we are going to fall off the top.

    But I think our friends in Washington will avoid that as they always have. They will increase taxes, with a promise of future spending reductions which never materialize. Instead, spending will increase MORE than the tax increase (exactly as it did the last two times we fell for this), and we will be further in debt ten years from now. If you've ever thought about moving to Greece, save your relocation money; Greece is coming here.


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      While this forum is called High Peaks and the deficit has reached a very high peak, do we want/need a thread on this topic?

      Naah, I didn't think so. That's why we have FB!