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  • Beautiful encounter

    Saturday, november 10 2012, towards our first trailhead of the day we have this beautiful encounter.
    We met this moose around 7:30 am Saturday morning on Route 302 near Twin Mountain, New Hampshire.
    I got out of the car, took my camera in the trunk and walked slowly towards to it.
    He was not afraid because I was about 20 feet from him at some point. We watched it for 5 to 10 minutes.
    And we left and it was still there.

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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    That is really cool! Although I have seen many animals in the wild including rattlesnakes and a mountain lion (yes, really!), I have yet to see a moose. I am familiar with the area where you had this encounter. Thanks for sharing!
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      Really nice pics! New Hampshire is always great for Moose encounters. Glad he didn't pose any vehicular problems.

      Thanks for sharing.
      Smile, things could be worse.


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        Great shots Yvon - you're very fortunate....I've never seen one in the wild except when I was very very young and living in Maine.
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          Wow - those pics are amazing!


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            Awesome! Hopefully, we will see these types of encounters in the Adirondacks as the population grows.
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              Be sure to stay close enough to your car, and far enough from the moose, especially with a bull in fall/early winter. A logger in my area saw a bull last month, got out of his truck to take pictures, and had to run back to the truck when the moose charged him. Luckily he got there before the moose, which circled the truck & then moved away.
              But thanks for the great pictures. Exciting for you.