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riding out Sandy

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  • riding out Sandy

    Hope to ride out Sandy all the way up to the ADK or bust! Which will probably be the later.

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    That sounds dirty..



    Life is a short, warm moment
    And death is a long cold rest.
    You get your chance to try in the twinkling of an eye:
    Eighty years, with luck, or even less.
    -Pink Floyd


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      Pretty funny. That picture is great!

      "A full appreciation of mountains is not to be experienced by merely looking; that is why men climb." -Francis S. Smythe, British mountaineer


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        No electricity going on for 8 days! typing here in public library, no one wants to go to a cold home, feel real bad for the elderly. A huge tree came down it backyard and it would have smashed my boat if i left it there. A few of my coworkers lost quit a lot of their houses, going to take months for them to rebuild. bad ....gas lines are incredible, 6 hours or more and not well all


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          Sorry to hear about things out there and I feel for everyone who has been so affected by this. I just got power back tonight so hopefully it won't be that much longer for you. I ended up getting a kerosene space heater which definitely made a difference with these temps.


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            Glad you were able to get out and check in, David. Had been thinking of you. Chris said he got power back two days ago. Hopefully you will be getting it back any moment now - bet your wife is glad for all of the equipment you have picked up over time for camping. Remember this for the next purchase. Glad you moved the boat! Take good care.


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              no power... gas lines terrible....ton of columbia boots busted open on me this morning, will call company for help...definatly had coldfeet this morning but wife is very pleased with my ll bean down sleeping bag! best to all! dont know about bagels this year!


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                power is up!

                Rob, thank you very much for you offer! Next time we cross paths the bagel is on me! Many are still in the dark here so I'm not jumping up and down out of respect, terrible storm. It seems that no matter where we live mother nature will find you. Us downstaters didn't really understand the destruction that the Catskills went through last year unless you saw some of it's effects. We still have a gas shortage here and some folks are short tempered. I did give a pint of blood last week to help. What I have learned is that I can do without some power so I hope that my wife and I conserve electricity in the house and not waste it. Be well...David


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                  Good to hear it's back. Got a mixed bag with my family down there. One sister kept power throughout....the family kept visiting her to recharge their cell phones... Some had power out for a week. One sister, in Rockaway should have power in another few weeks. She's lucky. A month without power isn't that bad. Many of her neighbors don't even have their houses.

                  Be thankful for what you have.
                  Guinness: Goes in brown, comes out yellow.


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                    As I've aged the past few years I totally understand how lucky I've been compared to other people around the world.

                    Pete, if any of your family needs help please contact me. I'm sending you pm.


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                      Originally posted by coldfeet View Post
                      Pete, if any of your family needs help please contact me. I'm sending you pm.
                      Thanks for the offer. I have a BIG family down there, which is great at times like this. THey all help each other out.
                      Guinness: Goes in brown, comes out yellow.