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    Mrs. Johnson is a 1st grade teacher at the local elementary school. On the first day of class she is getting to know some of her students better. She decides to ask what their fathers do for work. She gets the usaul answers from some students; baker, truck driver, car salesman, etc. She sees little Timmy looking down at the floor and decides to ask him what his father does.

    After a pause, Timmy says, "He's a nude dancer at a gay bar!"

    Mrs. Johnsone decides to send the other kids out for recess...except for Timmy.

    Keeping Timmy alone is class, she sits down next to him and asks again what his father does.

    "He's a nude dancer at Mulligan's, downtown"

    "Now, Timmy, that's not really what you father does!?

    "Yes", replies Timmy, "He takes his clothes off and other men pay him"

    "Oh Timmy, that can't be true. What does he really do"

    After a long pause, Timmy replies that he can't say what his father really does, that he's just too ashamed.

    "You can tell me", says Mrs. Johnson.

    Timmy looks down at the floor and with tears forming in his eyes, he blurts out, "My father plays for the Yankees!!!"

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    Well, I don't know about joke of the year, but it is certainly a tried-and-true formula. A neighbor, miles to the right of me politically, emailed me a variation on this formula in which a married, male state trooper is discovered dead in a gay bar (not that there is anything wrong with that) dripping bodily fluids and wearing nothing but high heels, fishnet stockings, and an Obama tee shirt. To spare the wife any unnecessary pain, his fellow troopers didn't mention the tee shirt in the incident report.

    Yeah I know, change my email address—but up here in the wilderness, your neighbors are your neighbors . . .

    And then there is the encyclopedia salesman skit (classic Monty Python) in which the salesman says: "Burglar, I just want to ransack your place" when asked who is at the door.
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      My recent favourite was Ricky Gervais' tweet:

      Dear Religion,
      This week I safely dropped a man from space while you shot a child in the head for wanting to go to school.

      If this post isn't erased, it'll be a miracle.
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