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Scooter Slide (Seward Mountain South Face) 2022-06-05

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  • Scooter Slide (Seward Mountain South Face) 2022-06-05

    Slide climbing partner and I Claudia visited the Scooter Slide on Seward Mt Sunday. This slide has write-ups in the ADK Highpeaks forum and from those I leared it dates from 2004 and was named by Random Scooter (inactive member). The previous reports involved trips where the bushwhacking was from the valley.

    We included the slide as part of a DES traverse of the Seward Range. Our bushwhack started, say, 2/3 of the way on the route to Seward from Donaldson. We ended up picking a good starting point for our bushwhack since what followed took us below all the other cliff bands and incomplete slides. The path to Seward takes advantage of a weakness through the cliff bands.

    We arrived at the slide about 200 ft elevation above the base and what's left of the debris. The rock below and above is dry, coarse, and grippy. Great for an 18 year old slide and a result of being south facing. There are two short barriers of new growth to go through when climbing the slide. And a couple places with short more difficult pitches; though, there were easier work arounds of all of them.

    The slide base is at 3850 ft and the top at 4230 ft for a gain of 380 ft over a run of 650 ft. So, it's a short slide. The exit is short too, though as is typical thick growth initially but that passed quickly and we were at the trail in 15 minutes and then the summit less than 5 minutes more.

    We weren't in a hurry given it took us a little over 2 hours from start of bushwhack to arriving at the Seward Mt sign. But given the rock and the views it ended up being a good choice to add variety to this popular traverse.

    Notable is that on our climb we caught up with Gary Koch just after the brook crossing at 3300 ft el. We hiked together all the way to Mt Donaldson. Gary has alot of history in the Adirondacks.

    Our descent was via the North Side trail, my usual route. Steep and slabby at the top (our climbing shoes up to the task), then some rocky sections but later becoming muddy and lousy. As I've been doing the past several times we jumped out of the trail and onto the brook for some nice creek walking. It's a good idea if your wearing shoes you expect to wade wth when doing things like this. I figure that getting just wet is alot better that getting wet and muddy. This time we we stayed in the brook for a longer distance than I usually do (getting out at the house side boulder) since the rocks were dry,. In doing so we skipped 100% of the worst of the mud.

    The trails were dry today so we make quick work back from the North trail to the trailhead over this generally level route.


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    Was this in 2022? Post title says 2020.


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      Originally posted by Neil View Post
      Was this in 2022? Post title says 2020. you have the ability to change?


      • Neil
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        Done! I think your pics are also dated 2020.

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      Thanks Neil, Don


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        The last two years don't count anyway, so 2020/2022 not much difference :-P

        Good to see some new slide climbing trip reports here! That one looks fun.