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Exploring New Slides 2020-08-30

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  • Exploring New Slides 2020-08-30

    On Sunday, Claudia and I got to explore two new slides on the south side of the Great Range. One that I'd noticed several months ago is off Gothics shoulder between Pyramid and Gothics. The other Claudia noticed last Saturday is in a similar location but in a drainage below Armstrong that faces SE. The Gothics Slide I speculate occurred during the Halloween storm and certainly would be interested in a more certain date is known. The slide on Armstrong formed between June 17 and August 22 these being dates of photos that Claudia and I had taken perched on Giant. Likely it formed during the tropical storm Isias of late July this year. Maybe another case where someone can nail down the date and rain event.

    We'd been talking about the Gothics slide for awhile and had a good plan of approach that was the same as when we climbed the Jim Goodwin route around the Rainbow Slide. It involved climbing Pyramid and descending at the col between Pyramid and Gothics shoulder. This is a way to avoid cliffs. We got to the upper part of the slide pretty quickly as top gets very close the the trail. After downclimbing carefully to the very bottom, a secluded area where a small and a large drainage meet, we climbed back up. Claudia characterized this a partial freshening of an old slide area. There were places where lichen and moss had been wiped by the debris. And one difficult drop that we were able to climb on it's far right. On our descent going down the right side we were forced to backtrack having gotten to the huge array of slides and cliffs on Pyramid's east face. As I said the very top of the slide is near the trail. Our exit took no more than 5 minutes.

    On climbing the trail at the last scramble before the more level ridge we met some climbers of which one member had suffered a shoulder injury. They said they had called in the situation to the Rangers and help was on the way. They'd hoped for there companion to get lifted out so we had to wait several minutes because helicopter arrival was soon. Then it was relayed that this was not likely. So after helping the group get their friend to a less windy spot we continued. That's why there is a picture of a helicopter in the slide show. But all the helicopter did was circle around. Help would have to arrive from the Lake Road.

    Our plan for approaching the Armstrong slide was much less thought out. When we started seeing the companion to the White Slide we began to discuss when we should start our bushwhack. We started our bushwhack when the trail took a strong turn toward the South. It was a good place because it avoided a couple of steep slopes. We had a relatively easy contouring around to the slide. Again we were near the top. We downclimbed this to where we figured the good slab would run out. After a break we reclimbed and then decided to re-descend and find out where this drainage met up with the rest of Beaver Brook. The amount of scouring in a slide track is always amazing and it really wasn't very far to the main trunk. It's a great brook to descend with lots of slab to walk on.

    Eventually we got to the drainage of the slide I call the "Slide from Nowhere" an Irene slide that went across the trail from Beaver Meadow Falls. I know in the Slide Guide it's got a more mundane name. But I think this name is better especially when paired with the next slide near the trail that I named "Slide from Nowhere." Anyway we hadn't been here so we climbed to the trail and had some pretty nice climbing. Above the path the slide surfaces are getting heavily mossed. At that point we decided to call it day.

    Some pictures:


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    Great photos. I love the views from slides. Every step up brings something else into sight, looking back and out of course.


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      Always amazing to see what a little bit of water can do!
      8000m 0/14


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        Originally posted by nangaparbat View Post
        Always amazing to see what a little bit of water can do!
        A little? LOL