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Colden 1990 Slide (Jun 8 2020)

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  • Colden 1990 Slide (Jun 8 2020)

    This was a trip just as much to scout current conditions to see if summer conditions have arrived as to climb a slide. I approached the 1990 slide leaving the Lake Arnold Trail around 3350 feet, reaching the drainage after a short but thick bushwhack. The drainage near the base and especially near the middle where the slide narrows had quite a bit of water flowing, but was rock hoppable to avoid getting wet and the rock still provided ample amounts of grip even while moist. Higher up at the headwall, the slide was dry and summer conditions, much to my delight. I'm not usually one for lots of pictures but I did take a few: one at the base looking up, one partway up looking out, and one at the top looking down:

    The bushwhack from the top of the slide to the summit was very short and relatively painless, and I took the Mount Colden Trail linking to Avalanche Pass Trail to descend. I had more in me and wanted to go to Algonquin to watch sunset, but got a late start to the day and only had around half an hour before dark to make it the slightly over 2 miles to Algonquin by the time I reached the Lake Colden trail register. Lacking faith in my mountain running abilities, I took Avalance Pass Trail straight back to the Loj watching sunset over Avalanche Lake instead.

    Black flies were not an issue and I didn't see a single one the whole trip.

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    Nice photos. Thanks.