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A Macomb West Slide, 8-20-19

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  • A Macomb West Slide, 8-20-19

    Some time ago I'd noticed a very bright patch of rock on Macomb W on the slide/drainage farthest to the south. The patch doesn't appear on satellite images in the popular map applications from the likes of Bing, Google, and Caltopo (on the 2013-2015 aerials). I suspect this formed after 2016 though I'm lacking the key images in my collection for 2016 from either Mt Redfield or Allen Mountain to bracket. The Bing/Google images show the runout to be 'very green looking' where-as when I was scoping recently my pictures show the vegetation has been cleared out. Not sure when that happened either, perhaps this spring. When walking up the drainage there was very little vegetation other than sprouts, suggesting to me some re-scouring was very recent.

    Traveling up the drainage after leaving the Slide Brook path to Macomb it was intermittently good and bad with deadfall. Leaving the drainage to the top of the banks didn't help. I wanted to climb within hearing distance of the flowing water so didn't try climbing farther from the drainage.

    At around 2,700' elevation things open up and after that it's a pleasant climb. In the drainage the trees make a nice frame for pictures of the sights on the other side of the valley. There are two sections bare rock on the way, perhaps 1,000' linear of that. The top 180' el. or so has new rock. It is adjacent to an old slide that's has about 30' more el. gain. The top is just under 4,000' el. so there is about 1,300' of climbing. This is over about 0.7 to 0.8 miles.

    At the finish I climbed to a ledge just to my south possibly 80' elevation higher, then from the middle of the ridge made way to the Macomb Mt. summit some 0.7 miles distant. It took me about 75 minutes. I visited a couple ledges on the way to take in the views. I discovered path across the ridge before reaching the top of the wider gravelly slide and it's huge outcrop. The path is intermittent, overgrown, and has numerous deadfalls across it. I kept losing and finding the path, though sometimes re-finding took awhile, but I wasn't trying too hard to find it again.

    Besides that it was a beautiful day, the trails were very dry, even the Dix trail practically bone dry, and I found only a few muddy places later in the day on an out and back to Grace Peak. Slide brook was also bone dry at the new big rock step crossing. Water went subsurface upstream; so, campers have to go there to find water. On the return I reclimbed Macomb. On the range I passed about a dozen other hikers.


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    I thought I saw someone on that slide Tuesday! [p.s. not]
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      That's probably the same one I climbed by mistake in the late 70's. It was a nice trip, but not the slide we were shooting for!


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        Originally posted by dundee View Post
        That's probably the same one I climbed by mistake in the late 70's. It was a nice trip, but not the slide we were shooting for!
        I have the 1998 Discover the High Peaks guide book by Barbara McMartin as reference. For the 1947 Slide description it says to NOT take the drainage I took. But that was my plan. Must be you took it. It did look inviting at the junction. But once farther upstream it reveals it's surprises.