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Marcy East Face:A Full Climb-Rappel and Night on Haystack

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    Jack: Wow, it's hard to respond to such a compliment. ...very touching, thank you. It's a dream come true when the adventures work out safely and somewhat close to how I envision them. Comments like yours are inspirational and, in turn, give me ambition to continue posting! Thanks again.

    DeepForest: Thanks, my friend. It was a pleasure getting out with you again...twas too long. As much energy as we spent, it was incredibly relaxing as well. The diversity of the challenges and conditions made it almost out of body by the time we hit Haystack.I badly needed an extended break like this! I'm glad we both realized a respective dream on this trip. I need to say (better than I did in the report) that you did an incredible job leading the route...I really couldn't have pulled this off without you! So thank YOU for helping this all come together and your continuous humor

    I'm gonna give the "creativity" a short break, but I can already feel the ideas churning regarding winter...

    Trail Boss: Thanks...We gotta get out together soon, Taras. I think you'd have enjoyed this if you like feeling exposure and some extended periods of uncertainty Maybe we can get into PG next year. I can't seem to shake its draw on me!

    Masshysteria: Thank you as always! Nice pucker-factor for sure. I kept rewording a few areas trying to describe it, but words can never encapsulate some of moments. (The video on full screen helps a little bit). I'm going to do a shorter report on the amphitheater this week. We got some decent pics and basically circumnavigated the cliff. Lenticular clouds heralded rain as we got near the top so we kept the ropes in the pack. By the time we got around to the bottom it was raining and we were happy to just be at the locale and not on the face.
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    May your ambition for the goal allow you to be a student of the journey.


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      Thanks again for sharing a great report with pictures !!
      "You are never really alone in the mountains. Something is there ,and you will find it in yourself "
      Ralph Ryndak