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The Sabertooth Slides

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  • The Sabertooth Slides

    Has anyone climbed these?

    They are two slides that face south on Upper Wolfjaw. Approach would be from the Beaver Meadow Trail, detouring at some point to follow the drainage to the slide.

    They are the two slides side by side at the very right side of this photo:

    Any additional info, particularly on the right slide would be appreciated.

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    I guess nobody has

    I'm surprised since they look like nice slides worth climbing.

    I guess they are relatively unknown because they are kind of tucked in the fold of UWJ & Armstrong and besides Dix, Dial & Nippletop you can't really see them from anywhere.
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      I was also surprised that no one here had climbed them. They seem like fairly significant slides in terms of length and ascent. They are also relatively accessible with minimal bushwacking to the summit.

      Depending on the conditions next week, I might check out the right slide and report back with pictures.