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  • Bennies Brook

    Im looking to scout the Bennies Brook slide in a few weeks for this winter, if it isnt icy...

    I have a general idea of where it is but was curious if anyone could give me some pointers, things to look for, etc....

    PM's are great if you want the info underground.


    The Heart of Oak

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    It's one of the streams you cross on the Southside trail. I don't remember exactly which one, but it's a few miles in at least. If you get to a log bridge, then you've gone too far. A GPS would be handy here.
    Follow along on the left side of the brook. There are sapplings that have been cut (most likely by winter skiers illegally). So, if you see stumps along the way, you are on the right track. You will hit the bottom of the slide in about 20 minutes or so.
    From there it's pretty obvious and easy going (not terribly steep). Except when you get to the Y, keep to the right. It gets loose dirt near the top. Then a short herd path (about 20-30 feet), takes you to the ridge.


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      Originally posted by Affix Snow
      Im looking to scout the Bennies Brook slide in a few weeks for this winter, if it isnt icy...

      I thought it was a really easy slide to get to, but others have told me that they had trouble following these rather simple and elementary instructions. Good luck


      There is a renegade ski cut that I followed. It's subtle, but clearly visible to the "trained eye".
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        The first time I did it, someone had told me what to look for (forget now), and it was very easy to find. The next time, I went to the Wolfjaws trail, then backtracked. It is, i beleive the second DRAINAGE. The first one, is the brook which the trail follows. As others have said, the actual number of streams may vary, but look at the terrain to see which drainage it is.
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          I was just looking at my ADK Topo Map and from the Southside Trail it looks like the 2nd Stream onthe left you come to. Look at the new updated Topo and it is Labeled Bennies cant miss it.

          If you use Mavs directions and get lost we will have to have him hike back in there and give more detailed ones as there must be something wrong with his. :lol: (Just Kidding I am sure your directions are fine....maybe


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            The problem is, that you cross a bunch of streams that are not on the map. You have to determine which of the flows are the streams on the map.
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              Cool. Thanx all!

              Keep em' commin if ya gots more!

              It looks like it goes...

              Rooster Comb Brook, then Rock Cut, THEN Bennies....looks like Bennies is the 1st brook after the High and Low trails rejoin...

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                Rik--great reply! Anyway, I plan on definitely skiing this one this winter, and I have hiked it, well...most of it. The last bit might be a bit steep for skiing, but with enough snow it might fill in. It is a popular ski trip, and many groups that stay at grace camp and peggy o ski it. It is marked with a tiny cairn at the beginning, and always take the stream branch that goes left. If you get lost in there bushwacking, up will bring you to a trail, so being lost in there only means that you won't be sure of your specific location, not really where you are.
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                  Originally posted by hillman1
                  . The last bit might be a bit steep for skiing, but with enough snow it might fill in..
                  HA! There is no such thing as too steep!!!!!!

                  Im not worried about the steepness....enough SNOW, yes.
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                    BB slide ?

                    Don't make my mistake :
                    Approx 6 wks ago & in much drier conditions I took some pals in to climb this slide. I've been up many slides but not this one. Followed to the letter the directions on Tim's website (linked above) We found what we 1st thought to be BB but didn't see the mentioned cairn ? Just to make sure, I scouted farther up S side trail & found another tributary w/ the mentioned cairn. I confirmed by hiking ahead to the bridge, that this trib. was the 1st one back from the one w/ wide plank bridge as per directions. We followed this trib up, even noticing many cut saplings on N side of brook (the mentioned ski trail ?) It never turned into the slide despite climbing to 3300 ft. We followed every small rivulet draining into this brook w/o any sign of the slide.
                    Rather than fight the dense cripplebrush, we returned to S side trail. 2 of us went up trail & tagged both Wolf Jaws. Others stayed low & upon our return confirmed after speaking w/ Ranger that 2nd brook back (N) from bridged brook was in fact, Bennies Brook.
                    Guess I'll just have to try again .......


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                      I'm starting to think that Bennies Brook is cursed.


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                        Note to self, never again write detailed b-whack TR's. Seriously, things must have changed in the last few year, as when I did it, it was the easiest b-whack ever. Scary easy.

                        Glad I took it down. Sorry for your troubles
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                          I did it twice. I almost never had a problem. The first tme, someone told me a trick for finding the right brook. I don't remember what it was. The second time, I had forgotten, so I walked to the WoldJaw trail junction,and walked back a few minutes.

                          Once on the right brook, and finding the cut trees, it was straightforward finding the slide. I don't know how it can be missed.

                          Could there be another trail which is cut, that leads to the wrong place?

                          In the winter, it sould be even easier. Just follow all the ski tracks.
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                            My daughter and I looked for the start of the BB slide trail last summer ('04). We noticed two streams with cairns that matched the description I remember from Mavs' trail report. Since the slide was not our destination on that trip, we just stored the information away for a future attempt. We're hoping to do it early next summer. Whether we actually get to the slide or not is irrelevant. It will be a nice walk in the woods, maybe my first slide climb, and maybe one more of the 46.

                            On a day like today, it's fun to think of next summer's SUNNY hiking days. We've topped 12 inches of rain here in central Mass. and it's still pouring outsdie.

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                              Driving up 2nite from PA.

                              Heading in to do Bennies Slide saturday. Hopefully conditions will be good...might have to watch out for some ice early on.

                              Thanx for all the help and i hope to report back successful.

                              The Heart of Oak