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  • Scarface Slide...

    Im curious about this one. How long is the slide/vert?

    Anyone have a pic of this one?

    Im mainly interested in a winter snowboard descent if its worth it.

    Thanx for any help!
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    In Don Mellor's (Rock) Climbing in the Adirondacks book, he descibes it as quote "In summer it is a wet, mossy mess" and in his book he only recommends it as an ice climbing route in winter.

    So it sounds like it's only worth attempting in drought conditions

    He rates it as NEI2 - NEI3 which is some ice climbing rating system similar to the rock climbing one (which may or may not be applicable to when the slide IS NOT covered in ice)

    Pictures maybe hard to come by because the color of it blends in with the forest in a way that might be hard to see/photograph from other mountains or from far away.

    The best views of it are from the road and from Mt. Haystack (The little one next to Mckenzie not the highpeak.) I've done Haystack and took a picture of it but unfortunately it was very cloudy & hazy that day and in the photo Scarface came out too dark to see the slide.

    It might be possible to see it from Ampersand, but of all the great views from Ampersand's summit it's not exactly in the most photogenic section so I didn't take a picture of it (I took a photo towards Whiteface but cut Scarface off).
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      I did stumble upon a picture of this slide, It's in the dictionary!!

      Qam1 - Anything & Everything on the Adirondacks