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  • Good spring slides

    Are there any good slides to do around mid April? I'm guessing a southern facing slide will have the best odds of being clear of ice and snow. Also, I'm a novice slide hiker, I've only done a few of them, so to avoid death I'm looking for relatively low difficulty.


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    Every year is different, but you might have to wait a bit longer than mid April - that's still ski season on most slides. I have skied the Colden SE facing (Lake Arnold) slide several times in April, including just a few years ago - heavy, durable snowpack still in place, no thin cover or bare spots.


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      Slides are pretty wet in the spring. This can make for both slippery conditions and having to find dry patches of rock. Neither are much fun. I usually plan my slide climbs for summer and after a few days to a week of dry weather. Some slides can be much wetter than others. Red slime exists on other slides besides Allen.

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