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Whiteface Placid Slide (aka Brook slide)

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  • Whiteface Placid Slide (aka Brook slide)

    Hello and happy fall to all of you. A group of us are planning to hit the Placid Slide (aka Brook slide) up Whiteface in a few weeks. Has anyone done this route and if so do you remember how long it took? We plan to spot a few cars and start from the Connery Pond trailhead. Head up the slide to Whiteface, then down Esther and Marble to the Atmospheric center.
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    I have climbed that slide several times. Don't know what to say about the absolute time it would or should take, but it will go a lot faster if you stay out of the brook until the slide proper (sort of) begins at around 3,600 feet. There is easy travel on the bench high above the left bank of the brook (that is, S and E of the brook). Just leave the trail where it cuts away from the brook and keep the brook to your left and far below as you ascend through fairly open and mostly coniferous forest.


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      I did the slide a few years ago with friends which I would call an average pace, about 4.5 hours to the summit. That day, the slide was wet and slippery. A few days ago, from the summit to ASRC including Esther was about 2.5 hours. This does not include much sitting around time.

      Your time may vary (could be a lot different) since you didn't say anything about how fast you or your friends are.

      See also recent trip report by Doug V.


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        I can confirm what Gregory Karl says, as long as you follow his instructions it shouldn't take too much longer than the trail. We entered too early and were in thick brush for a long time and that made the whole day much longer.
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