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  • Emmons Slide

    Emmons Slide

    Short, dirty slide. Not very steep. Relatively easy (easier than the main slide on Macomb). One or two ledges on the lower portion. Class 2 (YDS).

    Map: USGS Ampersand Lake Quad

    Helpful waypoints [removed to protect wildness]:
    1) junction Seward Brook-Emmons Slide tributary and Ouluska Pass Brook
    2) just below base of Emmons Slide
    3) Emmons Slide
    4) summit of Emmons

    Access: very strenuous bushwhack.

    Off of Ouluska Pass Brook. Follow the first tributary, entering on the West side, downstream from the 1880s-1890s abandoned lumber camp on Ouluska Pass Brook all the way to the base of the slide. It may be easiest to travel in the streambed at first. Eventually, move up onto one of the banks. The South (left) side has some intermittent flagging (blue, pink and yellow survey tape). It is thick, but not terribly so until just before reaching the slide’s base. Avoid, for as long as possible by staying to the left of, the blowdown in upper reaches of the tributary that has filled in with young, dense evergreen growth. Inevitably, you will have struggle through this incredibly thick, blowdown filled section. Finding the streambed (dry by now, if it has not rained recently) again and ascending it to the slide proper might be easiest.

    The slide itself is short and simple. Take the path of least resistance to the base of the near-vertical headwall. Exit the slide to the right (North).

    Bushwhack up and to the right until you reach the summit of Emmons or the path leading to the summit from the North (in which case, head back South to the summit). There are at least two narrow mini slides that you may encounter after leaving the main Emmons Slide to the right. The closest to the main slide can and should be crossed. The second is much steeper and most likely needs to be climbed around, if you encounter it. The trees are somewhat thick but not terrible.
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    If you can find the old lumber road to the old camp, it can save a LOT of bushwhacking through thick stuff. It is less than a mile of relatively open hardwood hiking to reach that camp. Then the thick stuff starts.

    Oh yeah... When I did this, several times, fairly high up, while pushing through some thick stuff, I found some old corduroy. That whole valley was filled with lumber roads.
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