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Marshall slide.

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  • Marshall slide.

    Does any one have any info on the Marshall slide? I was thinking of attempting to make Bubba's 46th via the slide.

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    I've actually talked to a someone, and SHE said, she had a friend that had done it. The slide itself was pretty pretty straighforward (but steep), but the terrain above it and to the summit is hidious. Dense, with lots of ugly bumps and blowdown between the top of the slide and the summit.

    Nothing specific though.
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      Looking back at my notes from '94, I once posted:

      By the way, Ed, the same guy that told me of the route up MacNaughton, told me of a beautiful route up Marshall. When hiking towards Indian Pass from Upper Works, if you leave the trail before entering the pass, and head toward Marshall, you'll hit a stream which runs over bare rock most of the way up Marshall. Again, its not on the map, but the valley is visible. He told me its a beautiful climb. It got my interest enough that I've added it to my list of things to do (along with the bushwhack from tabletop to Phelps)
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        Is anybody interested in accompanying me on a data gathering mission to this slide? Sept. 24th is a tentative date. At home (high speed) I'm going to see if this slide shows on any of the satellite pics I load up. (Bennies dosn't in the program I usually use so it must be more recent than the pictures.)


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          I hate to confuse you more but

          According to John Winkler in A Bushwhacker's View of the Adirondacks (p.85) there are two slides on the south side of Marshall.

          The western one according to him starts at the end of the tributary that flows into Calamity Brook. The Eastern one I'm guessing (repeat, just guessing) from his picture that it starts earlier off or close to that stream about .25 -.30 miles before the western one and heads up towards that little bump (4407'14'N, 7401'01'W) on the south part of Marshall

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            I couldn't see the slide using USAPhotoMaps so I guess it's a young'un.
            I'm going to check the book, I was going to do that anyway (really, I was). It looks like the rest of the research will done in the field. I wonder if anyone knows how I could get in touch with John Winkler.