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  • Panther Gorge Marcy Slide

    My friend and I were hiking from 4 corners to Panther Gorge last summer and were intrigued by a slide on Marcy to our left. I was wondering if any one has climbed it or knows about it. Thanks.

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    It gets climbed occasionally. Mudrat (you can find all his slide climbs thru here) has done it recently; in fact it was actually part of the old trail from Upper ausable Lake to Marcy.

    I believe there is quite a bit of bushwahcking thru thick brush and then thru the sensitive areas on Marcy to reach the summit.


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      If you scroll down to the Marcy section you can read several of Kevin's (Mudrat's) slide ascents
      Crepuscular Rays: Dissolve into evergreens

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        I haven't searched for it, but I think Neil and MG have a trip report from that vicinity as well.


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          Just seeing this. The multi-track slide on the southern slope facing Skylight is called the Old Slide. It's a fun scramble that used to be a part of the route (before a maintained trail) that Old Man Phelps used to guide clients to Marcy's summit. You can intersect the drainage via a 10-20 minute whack from the trail at the bend before it gets to the bottom of the gorge. Near the top of the drainage b4 the slide, you'll hit a large ledge. Right at this leads to the steeper/lower portions and straight through some trees leads to a rubble field and one of the new tracks. Rock quality is good with some flaky and mossy areas. The western most track points to the cliffs below Schofield Cobble and is really tight. Photos from that slide are here:
          Enjoy if you go to it!!
          May your ambition for the goal allow you to be a student of the journey.