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    What is the best way to approach True North from the ore bed trail? I have thought about dropping into the slide from summit, but would prefer to climb up rather than down. Do one of the small brooks intersecting the trail provide an approach? Any advice would be appreciated. thanks

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    True North can be a little hard to find from either the bottom or the top.

    (Although it's been a couple years for me; not sure how Irene miht have affected things.)

    From the bottom, ascend as you would for regular Gothics North Face. The brook bed widens to a slide width (about 50') for a considerable stretch. Most of the way up this stretch, when the North Face is well in sight, but before if gets steep, you can punch left about 100' through a line of trees to find the bottom of True North, here:

    A couple years ago, there was some (illegal) flagging on a few trees here; I imagine that comes and goes.

    From the top, start down the hiking trail (towards Armstrong). A couple minutes down, there is a large rock butress visible to your left, sitting high on top of the North Face. The trail makes a bit of a dogleg left and then right here, and this is where to leave the trail and punch through a narrow line of trees to find the top of True North.

    Good luck! Make sure to post a trip report updating the details for all of us.



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      If memory serves, the correct brook is .48 miles beyond Ore Bed Lean-to. The right fork will take you to the previously mentioned face, while the left fork will bring you to the run-out of the True North slide.


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        Right! TN is kind of odd, in that it actually forks on the way down. The approach I described will bring you onto the west running fork, and is a short cut from the approach to the main NF. The approach MH is describing will bring you onto the north running fork.

        Click the satellite option on the map and you will see this.

        On the north running fork approach, after taking the left fork of the brook, you still have to watch your route carefully. The brook splits again, and if you go too far left, it's easy to end up halfway up Armstrong.

        Have fun!


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          Good intel guys. thanks for everything. Now just got to wait for snow to come (and not melt again).