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    Originally posted by Neil
    Marta, you missed out on the best part of that trip: the bushwhack up Gray and Marcy that comes after.
    He wanted me to go to Iroquois and Wright too! No effin' way! I sat in the col in between Iroquois and Algonquin and refused to move, (Maybe I was already in a comatose state at that point!) until he sided with me about going up Algonquin and calling it a day!
    I look back on it now and honestly can say, "I'm glad I experienced such an "off-the-wall" hike!" No regrets now. I don't think there were any then either, once I got back to the car!
    It is easier to become a Forty Sixer than to be one. The art of the being is to keep one's sense of wonder after the excitement of the game is over. ...”There are few experiences in life that do not need to be expressed in words. Becoming a Forty-Sixer is one... How to be one is up to the individual.”

    Paul Jamieson Class of '58