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Adirondack Trailheads

This is a listing of the major trailheads in the Adirondack High Peaks region.

Major Trailheads

Map MarkerTrailheadNearby Town
AAdirondack LojLake Placid
BThe GardenKeene Valley
CThe Ausable ClubSt. Huberts
DElk LakeNorth Hudson
EUpper WorksNewcomb
FCoreysTupper Lake

Major Trail-heads Map

Secondary Trailheads

Map MarkerTrailheadNearby Town
AAtmospheric Sciences Research CenterWilmington
BWilmington ReservoirWilmington
CConnery PondLake Placid
DSouth MeadowLake Placid
FMarcy FieldKeene Valley
GRooster CombKeene Valley
Mossy Cascade / Hopkins TrailheadSt. Huberts
HRoaring BrookSt. Huberts
IChapel PondSt. Huberts
JRound PondSt. Huberts
KNorth Fork Boquet RiverSt. Huberts
LNew RussiaNew Russia
North TrailElizabethtown

Secondary Trailheads Map
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