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Acronyms and Abbreviations

The following is a list of acronyms and abbreviations commonly used in the ADKHighPeaks Forumalong with brief explanations of each. May be obvious to some, but helpful to new members.

Acronym explanatory notes
AFR Assistant Forest Ranger
AMR Adirondack Mountain Reserve
ADK Adirondack; Also the acronym for the Adirondack Mountain Club
ADKs Adirondacks Region
ATAppalachian Trail
ATISAdirondack Trail Improvement Society
CouchieCouchsachraga Peak
DECNew York State Department of Environmental Conservation
FKTFastest known time
46erMay refer to one of theforty-six designated Adirondack High Peaks, or a person who is a member of the Adirondack Forty-Sixers organization, or (loosely) someone who has climbed all forty-six designated peaks.
HaBaSaContinuous traverse of all three peaks of the Upper Great Range - Mount Haystack, Basin Mountain, and Saddleback Mountain - in a single hike.
HP Herd path
HP's High Peaks. May refer to the the forty-six designated Adirondack High Peaks, or the High Peaks Region in general.
HPIC High Peaks Information Center, located at the Adirondack Loj Trailhead
IIRC Internet slangfor "If I recall correctly"
IMHO or IMO Internet slangfor "In my humble opinion" or "In my opinion"
LNT Leave No Trace. Refers to a set of outdoor ethics designed to promote conservation in the outdoors.
LWJLower Wolf Jaw Mountain
NPT Northville-Placid Trail
OP Original poster. Person who started the forum thread.
OTOH Internet slangfor "On the other hand"
PA Parking area
RPRRocky Peak Ridge
SantasMountains of theSantanoni Range
TR Trip report. e.g. those postedhere.
UMP Unit Management Plan
UWJUpper Wolf Jaw Mountain
WIBNI Internet slangfor "Wouldn't it be nice if"
YMMV Internet slangfor "Your mileage may vary", i.e. you may have a different experience under similar circumstances.

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