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Mt.Mooselauke NH - 3/31

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  • Mt.Mooselauke NH - 3/31

    Trail - Ravine lodge road > Gorgebrook Trail to Snapper Trail to Carriage Road > South Peak > AT to Mooselauke > Gorgebrook trail down. We had to walk the road to the lodge which was about 1.6 Miles each way. This added about 3 miles to the trip for a total of 11.4 miles or so.

    Weather - clear/sunny. Temps in valley 30s, temps on summit 20s/30s with wind gusts 20/30mph. They predicted 50-70 in the high summits but I don't think it was even close.

    Trail conditions - We used micospikes all the way up and down. No snow shoes needed but as the snow started to melt in the mid/late afternoon it got slushy and soft. About 4-5 feet of snow on the ground. We ran into moose tracks on the Snapper trail that were at least 4 feet deep, poor guy must've had trouble. They seemed quite fresh! We got away with almost 0 post holing entire trail. Many hikers were wearing snow shows, we felt no need.

    South peak was amazing! Well worth the 200 foot walk. Actually, that was our favorite part of the trip. Mooselauke summit was nice with better views of course, but there were more people and more exposed to wind. You can hide behind some rocks but it just wasn't as enjoyable as the peacefulness of the South, which we managed to hide completely away from the wind.

    Gorgebook trail was def a better choice although longer distance, WAY less highers this time of the year. I have a feeling this changes once the lodge gate opens....

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    I saw Mt Mooselauke from Mt Marcy twice. Once with Jim Goodwin and strangely, the 2nd time with his son Tony. Now smog mostly eliminates this type of long distant viewing but Jim told me when he was young it was common. I'd imagine Tony would agree..