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Owl's Head 12/22/2017

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  • Owl's Head 12/22/2017

    With a cloudy and light snow forecast as well as promising trail reports of broken out bushwhacks I opted to go for Owl's Head on my fist winter season hike. Starting from the plowed Lincoln Woods PA (only one other vehicle in the lot!) I strapped on snowshoes and made good time to Black Pond. As expected it started snowing lightly and then never stopped. The BP bushwhack was solid following a far higher line than I had done on my first outing to OH. Before soon I reached the Lincoln Brook trail and then an hour later the Brutus bushwhack with all the crossings sufficiently bridged. The packed path remained visible throughout the actual ascent though with the accummulating snow it was challenging to always gain good traction.

    After bagging the viewless summit and a short break I followed my freshly broken out track back to the car. I was surprised to see how much snow had already fallen and in turn I had to more or less break out the track again including the LW trail up the Osseo trail which had seen some traffic. On reaching the PA my car was unrecognizable, just one big pile of snow!
    I hadn't seen anyone all day on this challenging 16 mile hike into the heart of the Pemigewasset Wilderness -- glad to have this one bagged it was a promising start to the winter hiking season!